Define growth targets and hit the bullseye with people power. The more competent and motivated employees you have in your company, the more your business grows.

The companies that are able to build long-lasting success are the ones that invest in developing the transversal expertise of the human capital in their team. To respond to an ever-changing market, a company needs to be able to count on competent and motivated resources. Training, motivating and adapting your team to the corporate culture and values is the key to success in the 4.0 era.

Why resort to team coaching?

There is a simple, very simple answer! To ensure a work team is effective, the group of people must become a team, intended as “together everybody achieves more”.

Ellecubica’s team coaching phases

1. Individual assessment of transversal skills and personal motivational profile

2. Mapping of the team coaching action and definition with the team of a common goal and the performance measurement KPIs

3. Creation of the action plan with the roles and responsibilities of each team member

4. Execution and constant monitoring

5. Celebration with a final team-building event


Definition of corporate values, vision & mission for the expansion project.

Definition and monitoring of the performance KPIs of the export team.

Team coaching in intercultural diversity management for multicultural teams in transnational sites.

Internal branding and employer branding to engage internal clients and attract new talent by building a solid and attractive brand identity.


“My team and I had a great time. We truly count on the professional approach of the Ellecubica team in presenting topics and in the sincere and honest attitude of people. GREAT PARTNERSHIP”

Stefano Savoldi

General Manager OCS Srl

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