Employee advocacy and employer branding: engage, inspire and motivate your team

Companies apparently use up 20% of their time recruiting new people and the remaining 80% trying to remedy recruitment errors!

Everything starts from the history, culture and reputation of your company: these are the factors that, when speaking with your internal clients and potential candidates, illustrate what their experience might be when working in your company.

The benefits of employee advocacy:

The creation of a positive, dynamic and enthusiastic environment guarantees greater satisfaction, motivation and productivity to employees. Shifting the focus from things to people will enhance your corporate image and boost your profit.

An employee advocacy and employer branding strategy is based on three elements:



These are the advantages and bonuses you offer your team, such as a good health insurance, competitive salaries, a safe workplace or a great office environment. Basically, a good corporate welfare plan.



These are the benefits offered by a positive and engaging corporate culture. When you feel proud of being part of a dynamic and winning team.



The ability to engage and motivate each and every employee in daily tasks by defining together growth targets and strengthening the company’s reputation.


1. Your employees want to stay

Having a good employer branding means being able to retain the best resources. When your team members like their job and feel aligned with the company’s values and culture, they are less likely to look for opportunities elsewhere.

2. Relationships with clients and suppliers improve

You internal clients are your first clients and the first to endorse the company. When the company’s staff works well, clients and suppliers notice it

3. Your staff is more productive

When the corporate culture is stimulating, people take less sick leave: productivity grows because workers are more focused and interested to carry out their duties as best as they can.

4. The best talent wants to join your team

By building a dynamic and fun corporate reputation with a focus on workers you will not need to spend a fortune to find key resources. The best people will come and find you.


“La Dr.ssa Rizzini ha saputo subito cogliere le richieste non dette, dando prova di estrema intelligenza emotiva. A questo ha aggiunto la sua notevole competenza in materia di Coaching e la voglia di scommettere sulla possibilità di costruire un progetto comune. il progetto insieme è stato acuto e stimolante per tutto il team”



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